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Vintage Hand Tools



PS&W Socket Bevel Chisels. It took a long time to assemble this set of fine chisels. I refitted these with East Indian Rosewood handles, before my son was wood turning. My greatest thrill in building the new dream ship was when I finally got to the point of fitting my new bench with drawers and getting my hand tools out of the boxes they had been in for two years. When I laid these chisels into a new cork-bottomed drawer, what a joy!


PS&W Socket Firmer Chisels. Again, it took a long time to assemble this set. I’m still in the process of refitting them with Rosewood handles.


Some planes and scrapers.


Miter box collection, all tuned up and usable.


Clamp Tree for hand screw clamps. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a long time, and finally got around to it. Notice that there is room for more clamps; you can’t have too many.


Oak and Honduras Mafogany Campaign Box for field installations. THis holds several “edge tools”; planes (#3 smooth, #4 smooth, #5 jack, #9 1/2 block, #60 1/2 block, #92 rebate), chisels, scrapers (#80, #112), spokeshaves, etc.


Langdon/Millers Falls Miter Trimmer Pat. Sept. 20, 1882. This thing is bigger than it looks, when you get it moving it takes awhile to stop.


American Machinery Co. Universal Trimmer Model #0, 1904


Stanley #51 and 52 Chute Board & Plane, vintage 1923 to 1935


Stanley #1, 2 & 3 Smooth Planes, vintage 1923 to 1935. My beautiful wife gave me the Stanley #1 for my birthday a few years back. Still has the decal on the tote- amazing! I was able to find a #2 & #3 with decals as well.


Stanley #9 Cabinet Maker’s Block Plane, vintage 1907 to 1910. Also known as “Piano Maker’s” plane.